Ian Kirkpatrick

BSc(Hons) Psychology
Adv.Dip. Psychodrama Psychotherapy
M Inst LM

Telephone: 07980 293 271

I work with adults from all walks of life and I believe in the natural potential in all of us for organic change and growth, and for finding our own place in the world.

My training is in classical psychodrama psychotherapy (Oxford Psychodrama Group) and my work is psychotherapy and counselling.

I believe that psychodrama is one of the most versatile forms of therapy.

Action methods are used to enable past, present and future life events, and the self, to be creatively explored. It offers the opportunity to practise new roles safely, see oneself from outside and gain insight and change. Psychodrama has something to offer everyone and is accessible to a vast range of conditions.

I specialise in working with both current and former members of Her Majesty’s Forces.

In the past, I have worked in the fields of mental health, the management of counselling and psychotherapy services and with the long-term unemployed. I have also provided short-term psychological support in GP practices.

My involvement with the initiation, formation and management of Herefordshire MIND Counselling & Psychotherapy Service led to my role as team leader and clinical manager for a number of years.


I adhere to the Code of Practice and Ethics of the British Psychodrama Association and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.



“The courage to be is the ethical act in which man affirms his own being in spite of those elements of his existence which conflict with his essential self-affirmation” Paul Tillich.