Welcome to The Centre

If you are seeking help for yourself or others; as a couple or for a family and want to be seen quickly, The Centre is the right place for you.

We are colleagues who work together in Hereford to offer a unique service. We have a great depth of experience and between us we can offer you a wide range of talking therapies.

The Centre believes that everyone should have access to the highest quality therapy and that this is always provided by trained and experienced people. We have worked very hard to ensure this is achieved by bringing together our professional team.

What we offer

The Centre offers a safe, confidential and discreet environment at one of our various locations where you can come and talk about whatever it is that is worrying you and has brought you to our website. There will be someone here who can help, whether you know what the problem is or you are uncertain. 


An invitation to an essential initial meeting with one of our therapists to talk about your concerns. At this meeting you will be advised as to the best therapy and therapist in our team for you. Or we can advise you about other options if we feel this could be the best solution for you.