Businesses & Organisations

People are the most valuable asset in any business or organisation.

Putting The Centre at the heart of staff welfare is one way of demonstrating your commitment to maintaining the emotional wellbeing of your employees.

The Centre is extremely well placed to help managers and staff to resolve issues that may otherwise impact adversely on work performance. In doing so it will also ensure that the organisation has fulfilled its employment law obligations. Our experienced and integrated approach to the emotional welfare of your employees is designed to maximise productivity and create a better working environment.

The UK Health and Safety Executive highlight that work related stress, depression or anxiety is the leading cause of working days lost through work related injury or ill health, with an estimated 13.5 million days lost in 2008/9. Clearly very wasteful and costly.

There is a legal obligation, or duty of care, for employers to consider the wellbeing of their employees and in particular to take steps to deal with the occupational hazard of workplace stress.

Furthermore, it may be worth considering that the absence of any form of employee assistance programme or counselling may strengthen an applicant's case in an employment tribunal or civil action where an employer's duty of care is called into question.

Every business is different and has its own unique requirements. The Centre has brought together professionals of the highest calibre to provide the precise type and level of employee assistance needed.


The key services offered at The Centre are:


Employee assistance

face to face counselling
specialist group work
mediation and conflict management
critical incident support
training courses
working with bullying and harrassment

Management support

sickness absence
disciplinary procedures
performance issues
ethical dilemmas


The Centre offers to employers both in and out of county, a psychological assessment and five sessions. Fees obtainable on application.