Rowena Gomery

Senior Accredited MBACP
Dip. Forensic Psychotherapy
Cert. Couple Counselling (Relate)
Group Facilitator

Telephone: 07770 940 128

I work with people from all walks of life who seek my support on a wide range of issues. My role is to help them to understand their particular difficulty and work with them to move forward in a balanced and positive way.

I can do this in several ways:

Short term counselling and long term psychotherapy for individuals over the age of 16 years

Couple therapy

Support groups in industry and commerce.

Facilitate groups for counsellors in training.

Provide supervision for counsellors in training and other health professionals.

Work with company directors and professionals who want to reflect on their working practices and deal with problems in the workplace

Work with Employment Assisted Programmes

I bring a wealth of experience to the counselling room from a background – both professional and personal - that is as varied as it is extensive.

This Includes:

Counselling professionals within NHS Occupational Health Services and Mental Health Trusts

Counselling and psychotherapy in private practice

Counselling in Voluntary Organisations Parents Anonymous, (Samaritans London)

Social Services – Senior Management Team (Homecare)

Setting up and running a Women’s Refuge (London)

Working in the Family Division of the High Court and the Criminal Justice System (Defence Team)